We have extensive experience and skill in digital mapping using state of the art technology like Satellite Imageries/Ariel Photos. Digital Elevation Modeling & 3D Mapping. Specialized in conversion of paper drawings to a wide variety of digital formats specifically of manually drafted utility drawings - Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, Telecommunications, Cable TV to 100% vector or MicroStation (DGN) formats.

Extensive experience in:
    Digital Mapping/Cartography, Geography
    Image Processing - Ariel Photos and Satellite Images
    Map Projection and Coordinate Systems
    Computer Science, database and spatial data management, programming technologies such as MDL, MapBasic, Visual Basic, C++, Java Programming, Oracle, etc.
    GIS Software Expertise includes MicroStation '95, Geographic, ArcInfo, ArcView, MapInfo, AutoCad, ERDAS, GeoCoordinator, etc.

Spatial Solutions in:

Retail & Distribution

    Sales, Marketing, Logistics & Distribution
Basic Telecom
    Network planning and Outside plant resource management
    Customer Care, and Sales & Marketing Systems
    VPT - for LoS feasibility & path profile for backbone network design & VPT planning
Cellular Telecom
    CellNet - Cell site planning and analysis
Law Enforcement
    Crime mapping
    Crisis, Traffic Management & Planning
    Transport & Power

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